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In order to confirm that all applicants meet the requirements for entry to the IEMBP, the program will require a combination of the following documents.

Each candidate is required to have the following documents completed for their application:

  • Completed Online Application
  • A Form 
  • B Form or approved jurisdictional equivalent (see below in B Form sections for further details)
  • 2 D forms from two different referees
  • Notarization Form
  • WES Report

Optional Forms which may be required include:

  • C Forms will be required should applicants need other sources outside of the two D forms to confirm the birth number requirements for entry to the IEMBP (minimum 100 births in the last 10 years). 
  • The E Form is for candidates who require translation of documents from their 1st language to English.

Required Forms

A Form* – Request for Information about Midwifery Education

Applicants will complete Part 1 of the form before sending to their Midwifery Education Program to complete Part 2 and all corresponding program documentation, to the IEMBP address provided on the form.  This form must be sent directly from the institution to be considered valid. 

*With every A Form submission, applicants are required to have an educational credential assessment done by World Education Services – Canada (WES).  You must request that a copy of your course by course evaluation report be sent to the IEMBP office.  Please go to for information on how this process works and what documents must be sent to them.  There is a fee for this service that is the applicants responsibility.


B Form – Proof of Professional Conduct

Applicants will complete Part 1 of the form before sending to every Regulatory organization where they have been registered as a midwife. This form must be sent directly from the Regulatory organization to be considered valid.  The IEMBP recognizes that some jurisdictions have transitioned to an online verification process.  The IEMBP requires verification of registration and good standing and will accept any Regulatory organization document for verification of standing in lieu of the B Form.  


D Form – Professional Reference and Clinical Experience Confirmation Form

All applicants are required to submit 2 D forms with your application from two seperate referees to the IEMBP.  The D Form acts as the candidate’s professional references and confirmation of clinical experience.  Applicants will complete Part 1 of the form before sending to their identified references along with a recent passport photo to complete Part 2 and 3.  Referees are required to sign the back of the photo as verification that it is a true likeness of the applicant. All photos submitted with an application must be identical. Referees who are also able to verify clinical experience will also complete Part 3 of the D Form.  This form must be sent directly from the referee to be considered valid.


Optional Forms:

C Form – Request for Verification of Midwifery Clinical Experience

Applicants are required to show proof of a minimum of 100 births as primary midwife during their education and practice.  For some applicants, this proof can be satisfied through submission of the A form and D forms.  For those who require additional verification of their midwifery clinical experience, they may submit a C Form. Multiple C Form’s may be submitted if required.  Applicants will complete Part 1 of the form before sending to a colleague, supervisor or other qualified person who has observed them in their clinical work or has access to official records and can provide details about your clinical experience.  This form must be sent directly from the qualified source to be considered valid.


E Form – Request for Translation of Documentation

For applicants whose required documentation (forms, syllabi, transcripts etc.) are not able to be provided in English, a complete translation of such documents will be required using the E Form.  Applicants will complete the “To Be Completed By Applicant” section of the form and provide to a certified translator.  For an approved list of translators, please contact the IEMBP office at


English Language Testing Requirement

All applicants who do not meet the English language standards outlined on the IEMBP English Language Requirements document must submit an official IELTS scoring document with their application.